A Must Have For Mobile Photography! Moment

There is an old cliche, The best camera is the one you have with you. For almost all of us, that's the one in our pocket. no matter what smartphone you have now in 2020, chances are even if its a few years old its jam-packed with incredible features to unlock some creativity.

But there are limitations with all cameras, and one of the first limitations every camera faces is focal length. Versatility and giving you options for changing up the angle and perspective of your images.

That changed in 2013 when Marc Barros founded Moment, Moment focused on making lenses for your smartphone. Less than a year later in January of 2014 Moment launch with a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise $50,000. Instead, it raised more than $450,000 from 4,722 backers. A year later, Moment put the phone case on Kickstarter and raised $693,435 from 4,833 backers.

With a great social presence and a real sense of community, it's not surprising so my creatives buy into the company and the products. These products are not just some cheap clip-on gimmick to make a quick buck, instead, they are beautifully designed and crafted pieces of photographic equipment, designed by photographers and videographers for photo and video.

The first lens I bought was the moment wide. The reason being I wanted to start a vlog

(I wasn't a very good vlogger) and the wide lens opened up so much potential for my iPhone to become a vlogging camera, with an external Rode videomicro and a small gorilla pod I was ready to be the next Casey Neistat.

Yeah, that didn't happen. But what I did find that the lens was brilliant, and for making my Instagram stories stand out, being able to get a really wide field of view and creating stories, everything from shots of coffee to lunch to just roaming the streets on my lunch break from work. This lens gave me that creative fire in my tummy when my big camera was at home.

Shot on the Iphone XR and the moment wide.

After I upgraded my phone, I needed a new case, I loved the original wood case, but I wanted something a little more.... me, so I went for the Nomad X Moment rugged leather case. I loved the design and how it would age with use. When ordering the case it made sense to order a lens too. I this time I went for the Tele. the reason being that I had wide, had the standard native lens and now the tele would give me a little more reach but more importantly a bit of compression. my biggest issue with the iPhone lens is its slightly too wide for portraits in my option and that's the main reason I never shot portraits on the iPhone, but now I've unlocked yet another avenue of potential creativity, It also allows me to have a nice narrow field of view and a small bit of compression when shooting video, meaning those nice panning shots with a nice out of focus object in the foreground is all that bit better with the tele lens.

In conclusion, these lenses are an absolute must-have for anyone taking photos or video on the smartphone. Traveling light? I mean it doesn't get much more compact than two of these lenses and the phone you're already carrying. So much potential sitting right there in your pocket. Paired up with the moment App, it unlocks the full capabilities of what's right there in your every day carries.

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