Sigma 14-24 2.8 Review

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

So I've had the pleasure of working with Sigma Ireland on a couple of blog post (not paid). The idea behind the blog post was to give honest real-life feedback on some glass that may help you when It comes to buying. The Sigma 14-24 2.8 (insert all other letters here) comes in the Canon Ef mount, Nikon F, Sony E mount and L mount for Panasonic. First impressions on the lens are it's BIG, Heavy and means business. The build quality is exceptional, The front element is huge and won't take a threaded filter. The auto-focus is super quick and never failed to hit the target once. It has a relatively close minimum focusing distance at 26-28cm. It is tack sharp and on higher resolution cameras this will excel like no other wild angle zoom. And it weighs 1.5Kg, I did say it was heavy.

Pros- -It's a well built professional lens that will stand up to a beating from a pro in the field. -The autofocus is quick, Relatively quiet ( you can hear it while recording video) and accurate. -Zoom ring is perfectly placed, you hand slipes right on no hunting for it. -Focus ring has manual over-ride, no need to flick the switch on the side, just grab it and go. -Easy to operate even with thick gloves on. -Looks impressive to your friends and other shooters (we all pretend this isn't important but we all know it is) 

Cons- -It's heavy, Before lockdown, I took this to the mountains and when I mean I felt it, I felt it, I tend to use smaller camera bodies and the lightest pack possible, this lens weighs as much as my normal bag on its own. -Unless you have a big pro body, it's front heavy, impossible to balance on a gimble unless you have a big pro rig and if you do you're probably using Cine glass anyway. - You can hear the autofocus while filming, the lens ads some nice weight to a hand-held rig while filming adding some stability, but, if you're recording audio too, I suggest doing it off-camera on an external recorder or use manual focus, the auto-focus is not as loud as those lenses of the past, but it is noticeable. -Not threaded filter compatible, because of the hugely impressive front element, there is no wat you can thread filters on this beast, so you'll need a filter kit like the Lee Filters to use things like NDs for those slow shutter landscape shots. 

Is this lens for me? To be quite honest, no! and that isn't because the lens isn't good, it's brilliant. It's sharp, looks beautiful, the image quality is fantastic. and to be honest I never really got to bring it on a multiday trip, and My thinking was, If it was packing a bag, compressing my sleeping bag, packing food and water and I picked up this lens, I'd put it straight back down, I'd pack a cheaper crappier wide angle I have simply for the weight.

 Who is this lens for? This lens is for a seasoned professional who needs a versatile wide-angle zoom that has accurate auto focus and delivers tack sharp images. And is used to lugging around heavy pro gear all the time and might even have an assistant or two to do some of that lifting. It's for the commercial pro that is arriving on a set. Here they don't have to walk miles to location, and if they do, it's in an assistant's bag. Below are a few little snips I shot with the 14-24 2.8 before lockdown took over our lives.