Velasca Milano X Fabio Attanasio Tie review

When the collaboration between Velasca and Mr.Attanasio came out I was extremely excited to see what they would produce together. A collection of beautiful shoes, that I will be getting my hands on soon to review those too, and of course a collection of ties.

But first a little background on the brand. Velasca, Milano. transcends through the ever changing landscape of fashion to deliver a timeless style that values heritage. Time-honoured secrets passed down from a father to son.

With a strong belief that high quality craftsmanship should be accessible to all, and by cutting out the middle-man Velasca has managed to connect artisans to the people.. You can read more about the brands history HERE

So I ordered at Xmas time, that delayed delivery slightly as it was coming all the way from Italy to Ireland maybe 6 days before Xmas. Delivery is normally much quicker as suggested on their website 3 to 5 days. When the tie arrived I was blown away by the beautiful presentation of the packaging. The carefully tied bow, the rich green box with gold branding it was really beautiful.

The tie I choose was this beautiful deep red with a blue and beige like pattern running through, see it HERE

I felt it goes with most of my shirt and suit combinations and felt I'd get quite a bit of wear from the tie. The tie is sewn in the Petronius 1926 workshop, an Italian landmark in the world of handcrafted ties, it is 50oz, 100% pure silk and believe me you can really feel the quality in the touch. The unlined tie wraps around the neck naturally and elegantly, It has a high joist, requiring a certain skill in order for the tie to be "flattened". Hand crafted, carefully, virtuosity to perfection. It's extremely soft and luxurious, knots beautiful and sits there, unnoticed by the wearer and unbothered, you barely feel the tie around your neck as it gracefully drapes down the placket of your shirt completing your outfit effortlessly. The tie is €95 not including shipping. And worth every penny. You can see more Velasca products HERE

You can see more from Fabio and Velasca HERE

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And of course Fabio on Instagram And don't forget to follow my instagram too. And remember, stay classy. Damien

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